Tyler Posey shirtless

Tyler Posey Shirtless in The Exes

July 16, 2014 admin 0

Tyler Posey Shirtless in The Exes GIF Tyler Posey made a guest appearance on the show The Exes and I had no idea he was going to make such an awesome appearance. I love when writers get popular actors from other hit shows to come to theirs and bare some […]


Dylan O’Brien Shirtless in Teen Wolf

October 18, 2013 admin 0

  To see a guy getting all sensitive and turning to his girl is awesome to see. Real or not!  Dylan O’Brien’s character does just that on the show Teen Wolf.  Watch for O’Brien in the film The Maze Runner coming out in early 2014. See more male TV stars […]

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Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin in Teen Wolf

August 4, 2012 admin 0

Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin has the most amazing abs around. I can imagine him pumping iron to keep his beautiful body in perfect shape. Hoechlin plays Derek Hale on the TV show Teen Wolf. We love when the show writes in a shirtless scene. See Tyler Hoechlin Naked Here!

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Colton Haynes Shirtless

August 10, 2011 admin 0

Colton Haynes appeared on The Nine Lives of Chloe King and  they did a great Shirtless pic of him. Haynes played the charcter of Kai. Haynes is also part of the cast of Teen Wolf. See  Colton Haynes Nude Here!

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Shirtless Tyler Posey

July 14, 2011 admin 0

Shirtless Tyler Posey is playing the role of Scott McCall on the new TV series Teen Wolf. The show started the 2011 summer season on MTV. Posey has not done too much acting, mostly small parts in different TV shows. Hopefully this wil be a break for him. See Tyler Posey Nude Here!