New Evan Peters Shirtless Pics from American Horror Story

Evan Peters is back, Shirtless, in the 2nd season of American Horror Story. It is a TV mini-series that we hope will get all of the hot guys shirtless or better yet, nude! I haven’t checked out the show so I don’t know which role between Tate Langdon / Kit Walker / Kit Peters is playing. Maybe someone can fill us in!

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Nathan Fillion Comes Back to the Show Castle

Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle is premiering September 24, 2012. Check out those beautiful pink nipples! Grab your popcorn and get ready for lots of smiling. He is adorable and he and Kate Becket are great together in the show. If you have never tuned in to the show it is definitely worth it!

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Shirtless Matthew McNulty in The Syndicate

Shirtless Matthew McNulty shows off a pretty sweet bulge in his super sexy underwear. McNulty has spent most of his career playing small roles in many different TV series. He has just laned the role as Stuart Bradley on the show The Syndicate. If the writers are smart they will put him in many scenes shirtless and even better yet, bulging and shirtless!

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Dave Annable Shows off His Hairy Chest

Although I don’t like the title of the show, 666 Park Place,  I do like Dave Annable Shirtless and showing off his fantastic hairy chest. It seems lately that most shirtless and naked scenes have guys in it that have had the razor taken to their body. I guess the show is showing off some hair for us! Annable has been cast as Henry Martin in this new show.

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Shirtless Trevor St. John in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Soap Hunk Trevor St. John is best known for his role as Victor Lord, Jr. in the daytime soap One Life to Live. He made a recent appearance, with his shirt off, on the TV series Hart of Dixie. St. John appears to be proud of his sensual body! Watch for him in the upcoming TV film Intercept.

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Tom Weston-Jones Gets Shirtless in Copper

Tom Weston-Jones jump starts the new show Copper with a great shirtless picture! Jones has just started his career in 2011 and has already landed a lead role. He is currently playing Detective Kevin Corcoran in the show. You can also catch him in World Without End. Boy he is busy and it’s no wonder. Look at how incredibly hot he is with his shirt off!

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Taran Killam Got Shirtless on SNL

Taran Killam showed off a pretty nice bulge on SNL recently. He was hilarious and worth checking out on the show. Killam is not as appreciated by his audience as he should be. He does a lot of guest appearances on many shows and TV movies but hasn’t really broke in to a stable role. We will keep you posted if anything else comes up for him.

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Dean Geyer Bares His Chest in Glee

If you are a faithful fan of the show Glee you got the pleasure of seeing the newest member of New Directions, Dean Geyer. If not, you may want to tune in. The show is going through a readjustment period gaining new characters so just keep you eyes on the prize! The show gets lots of its guys shirtless!

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Shirtless Steve Byers in L.A. Complex

Shirtless Steve Byers has a perfect beach body. One that looks tanned and toned. Byers has spent most of his career making guest appearances on many TV shows. He is currently working on Alpha as John Bennett and L.A. Complex as Gray. We are also going to be able to check him out in the new film Immortals.

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Shirtless Saïd Taghmaoui in Strike Back

Shirtless Saïd Taghmaoui is unfortunately staying covered up with the towel in the show Strike Back. Taghmaoui recently made a guest appearance on the show. Maybe we will get lucky and he will become a regular. He has done dozens of films with the next one being My Brother the Devil. There is no release date but we will keep you up to date on anything else he is doing!

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Shirtless Patrick J. Adams in Suits

Shirtless Patrick J. Adams is a smooth talking Twink on the show Suits. We loved it when he took his shirt off and climbed in to bed. Makes me dream alright! Adams currently plays the role of Mike Ross on the show. Definitely worth tuning in to.

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Justin Kirk Starring in Animal Practice

Shirtless and Hung, Justin Kirk is one of my favorite stars on TV. He is great on the TV show Weeds. Unfortunately the show is in its final season. However, Kirk has not disappointed us because he is in the new show Animal Practice as George Coleman.

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