Scott Foley Shirtless on Cougar Town

scott-foley-shirtlessScott Foley recently had a guest stint on Cougar Town as Jules’ grown up love interest Jeff. We got some great shirtless scenes in the 3-episode deal but it doesn’t look like he’ll be back. Jules is after all, a cougar and needs a cub.
You might also recognize Scott Foley from a recent guest spot on Law & Order: SVU and his roles on The Unit, Felicity and Scrubs.

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Chad Faust Shirtless


Chad Faust has been doing a lot of guest-starring lately on shows like Trauma: Life in the ER, Heroes, and Cold Case. He’s perhaps best known for his role as Kyle Baldwin on the USA show The 4400. Chad also gained some fame from his full-frontal naked scenes in B move Descent.

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Thomas Jane Shirtless

thomas-jane-shirtlessThomas Jane went from playing a superhero in The Punisher to a washed-up high school football star – turned male escort in HBO’s Hung. So far we’ve gotten a little rear view of Thomas Jane naked, but we’re still waiting to see if Jane lives up to the title role. Jane has done some nude scenes in other movies, though.

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Hugh Laurie Shirtless


Hugh Laurie has been a household name in England for nearly 3 decades, but has just hit American fame since the launch of FOX’s House M.D. Laurie’s portrayal of the brilliant but frightfully flawed Dr. Gregory House has earned him many adoring fans and quite a few award nominations.

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Zach Gilford Shirtless on FNL

zach_gilford_shirtlessShirtless Zach Gilford plays former Panther QB Matt Saracen on Friday Night Lights. The show doesn’t officially start until next year on NBC, but DirectTV is giving another full-season preview this year. They’ve changed the show, and the cast, quite a bit, but Zach Gilford as well as hottie Taylor Kitsch have returned.

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