Private Practice’s Taye Diggs Shirtless

Taye Diggs Shirtless!


Taye Diggs plays Dr. Sam Bennett on ABC’s Private Practice and has earned a spot as one of Hollywood’s hottest black actors. His name is actually Scott, and he was called Scottaye by friends. He eventually shortened it to Taye. In addition to his TV work and films such as Rent and How Stella Got Here Groove Back, Taye Diggs has an illustrious stage career as well. He’s also done some nude on-screen work! More Shirtless Guys from Private Practice.

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Sexy Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway Shirtless!


Josh Holloway plays the almost overly sexy bad boy James “Sawyer” Ford on ABC’s hit show Lost. Holloway, who recently became a daddy, grew up in Georgia and considers himself a “Blue Ridge Mountain Boy.” Prior to getting cast in Lost, Holloway considered leaving acting and got his real estate license to fall back on. We’re glad he hung in there just a little bit longer!

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James Denton Shirtless

James Denton as Mike Delfino Shirtless!


James Denton is just about everyone’s favorite plumber Mike Delfino on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Denton, a Nashville native, started his career on the stage in Nashville and Chicago before getting a few TV roles here and there. The Desperate Housewives gig was far and way his break out role. James Denton is also part of a Hollywood band called That Band from TV with Greg Grunberg of Heroes and Hugh Laurie of House, M.D.

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Dark Blue’s Dylan McDermott Shirtless

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott rose to fame with his role as Bobby Donnell on The Practice and is making waves again as the brooding and mysterious Carter Shaw on TNT’s new show Dark Blue. McDermott has had a movie role here and there, but mostly he sticks to showing off his ripped and hairy chest on the boob tube, where we like him.

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Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl

Shirtless Chace Crawford!


Chace Crawford, a Texas boy, fell into Hollywood while attending Pepperdine University and struggling to pick a career path. He eventually decided on acting, got his first role in 2006 in a Lifetime movie and quickly got snapped up to play Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. He was recently named People magazine’s Hottest Bachelor and landed the role of Ren in the remake of the Kevin Bacon classic Footloose after Zac Efron dropped out of the role.

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