Shirtless Hugh Quarshie in White Heat

Shirtless Hugh Quarshie is going to be on the new show White Heat as the present day Victor. If you get British TV you may recognize Quarshie from the show Holby City. He has been playing the role of Ric Griffin since 2001.

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Shirtless Common From Hell on Wheels

Shirtless Common is on the new show Hell on Wheels and he is playing the character Elam Ferguson. Common started his career as a hip-hopper and has easily moved in to acting. He has recently appeared in the film New Year’s Eve which premiered December 9, 2011.

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Shirtless Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Shirtless Malcolm-Jamal Warner is playing the role of Alex Reed in the new show Reed Between the Lines. Warner is best known for his role as Theodore ‘Theo’ Huxtable in the long running show The Cosby Show. He also played Malcolm McGee in Malcolm & Eddie.

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Shirtless Isaiah Mustafa in Charlie’s Angels

Shirtless Isaiah Mustafa has played Detective Ray Goodson on the last two episodes of Charlie’s Angels. This last episode he took his shirt off. Is this to secure his role in the show? I heard the show is being canceled at the end of the season… anyone know this for sure?

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