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Half Greek and half Italian, French actor Gilles Marini is one of the hottest male celebrities out there. His role as Dante in the Sex in the City movie rocketed him to stardom with his full-frontal nude scene. These days you can find Marini playing Luc Laurent on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters in a recurring role. Gilles’ other TV credits include Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Criminal Minds, Windfall, Nip/Tuck  as well as several daytime dramas, including The Bold and the Beautiful and Passions.

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Rob Lowe Shirtless in Brothers & Sisters

rob-lowe-shirtlessRob Lowe, known better these days as Robert McAllister on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, has reportedly asked to be let out of his contract by the network due to lack of significant story lines. Lowe doesn’t appear to know a good thing when he sees it; a few years ago he was offered the role of Derek McDreamy Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy but turned it down for a pilot that never got picked up. The role obviously went to Patrick Dempsey.

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Balthazar Getty Shirtless

balthazar_getty_shirtless-04-239x300Balthazar Getty started out as a series regular as Tommy Walker on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, but was reduced to an occasional guest star. The circumstances revolving around the demotion are a little vague. The official ABC line is that he was reduced due to storyline and budgetary concerns, but the gossip is that after Getty was caught on camera vacationing with Sienna Miller, there was tension on the set. Matthew Rhys, who plays brother Kevin Walker, used to date Sienna Miller as well. Additionally, the cast is said to be close with Balthazar’s wife and were none to happy about the affair.

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