Shirtless Anthony Head in Free Agents and Merlin

Shirtless Anthony Head shows off a pretty impressive bulge. He just joined the show Free Agents. It is a new show and he is playing the role of Stephen. Head has also been playing the part of Uther Pendragon in the show Merlin since 2008.

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Shirtless Jake Silbermann on The Good Wife

Shirtless Jake Silbermann made a guest appearance on the show The Good Wife. Silbermann is known for his role as Noah Mayer on the daytime soap As the World Turns.  He was on the show when it ended in 2010. Hopefully he will land a role on a new show or catch a break in some films.

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Bryan Greenberg Shirtless in How To Make It in America

Shirtless Bryan Greenberg is in the popular show How to Make It in America, playing the role of Ben Epstein. He also just appeared in the new film Friends with Benefits. Greenberg is probably best known for his role in One Tree Hill.

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Skeet Ulrich Bulging

Too bad this isn’t a shirtless picture because it would go perfectly with Skeet Ulrich’s awesome bulge! We will be able to see more of Ulrich (hopefully much more!) because he has just joined the cast of the new TV series Law & Order: LA. The show is set to premier September 29, 2010.

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Jason Wiles’ Incredible Bulge

Check out Jason Wiles’ shirtless body and that incredible bulge in his tightie whities! Wiles is on the new TV series Persons Unknown. I missed the pilot but then I saw this picture of him and decided I am definitely going to tune in. I read about the show and it looks like it might be pretty good. Wiles is probably best known for his role as Officer Maurice Boscorelli in Third Watch.

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