Mehcad Brooks Shirtless and Sweaty

mehcad-brooks-shirtlessHot black TV actor Mehcad Brooks has been show-hopping the past couple of years, but luckily for him, they’ve mostly been hit shows. He kicked off things on Desperate Housewives, made the jump to True Blood and has now landed back at ABC with his role as Malcolm Bennett in The Deep End. We disappointed we won’t get to see as much Mehcad skin on network TV as we did on True Blood, but there are plenty of pics of him out there…

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Jay Harrington Shirtless


Jay Harrington has had some pretty sweet prime ABC multi-episode gigs in the past couple of years on shows like Desperate Housewives and Private Practice. Last year the leading network gave him his own show in the form of 1/2 hour sitcom Better Off Ted. Its a quirky show, but funny. Unfortunately, like other comedy experiments the network has done like Pushing Daisies, it looks like Better Off Ted is headed for cancellation. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but that’s what the rumors say. Maybe Harrington can make a comeback as Addison’s love interest Wyatt on Private Practice.

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Doug Savant Shirtless, in Undies


Doug Savant made his mark as Matt Fielding on the original Melrose Place in the 90s. Savant had one of the first prime-time roles of an openly gay man on the show. Hoping to fuel the fire, Savant repeatedly refused to tell the press if he was gay or straight in real life. Savant is straight, but has said playing a gay character on Melrose Place didn’t make him feel like he needed to broadcast it. These days he’s living on Wisteria lane as Tom Scavo on ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

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Shawn Pyfrom Shirtless Twink

Shawn _Pyfrom_ShirtlessShawn Pyfrom’s claim to fame is due to the role of gay teenager Andrew Van de Kamp on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. There is little biographical information about the now-guest star on Desperate Housewives, and he doesn’t seem to have done much of any acting since he left the show as a regular two seasons ago. IMDB does say he had aspirations of becoming an entertainment lawyer, so maybe he’s a college frat boy now.

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Ricardo Antonio Chavira Shirtless

ricardo-antonio-chavira-shirtlessRicardo Antonio Chavira plays the now-lovable but once despicable Carlos Solis on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. He’s a big hunk of a hairy man and if you go for the teddy bear type, Chavira will be right up your alley.  Chavira is rather new to Hollywood with the Desperate Housewives role his first major undertaking. Prior to that he did a couple of non-blockbusters and some guest spots on other TV shows.

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