Luke Mitchell Shirtless in Tomorrow People

Luke Mitchell appeared shirtless on a recent episode of Tomorrow People and my jaw dropped when I saw this male actors incredibly awesome set of 6 pack abs! It got me looking around and I found this GIF of him. Just as sexy. Maybe I am missing a show that I should be tuning in to!

Luke_Mitchell_real_GIF_02aluke mitchell shirtless tomorrow people

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Top 30 Shirtless and Tasty Men Actors on TV

A list was currently done of the most appetizing shirtless male actors on TV. I thought it would be fun to bring them to you… one tasty man at a time!

Number #30:  Shirtless Ian Somerhalder from the TV show The Vampire Diaries. Most of Somerhalder’s work has been done on TV but hold on to your seats, at least in the UK… He will be starring in a new movie, Anomaly, that hasn’t even begun production; but still!

I present #30 Male Actor Ian Somerhalder Shirtless:


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Tom Weston-Jones – Naked Pictures

Tom Weston-Jones Naked Pictures get me going for the day. Copper star Jones has a perfect male actor’s nude ass and a really cute bare male actor’s chest. Unfortunately Copper has been canceled so this may be the last of the male actor naked pics for a while. If he ends up naked I will get it right to you!