Mark Salling Shirtless


I gotta say, I love FOX’s new show Glee. Mark Salling as Puck is awesome with his bad attitude and cougar-hunting ways. The’y’ve given us a few steamy shirtless scenes for Salling, and I’m sure they’ll work in more. He’s just got too good of a body to keep covered up week after week.

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Cory Monteith Shirtless in the Shower


Shirtless Cory Monteith is a shirtless sensation with his role as Finn Hudson on FOX’s Glee. He plays the unlikely role of a high school football player/vocalist. Ironically, Monteith only finished the 9th grade in real life.

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Jonathan Groff Shirtless


Broadway star Shirtless Jonathan Groff will be joining the cast of FOX’s Glee soon as part of the Glee Club’s competition Vocal Adrenaline. Groff, who’s best known for his role in Broadway’s Spring Awakening, will be on the show for at least 5 or 6 episodes according to Entertainment Weekly.

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