Eric Dane Shirtless and Wet


Interestingly, Eric Dane’s character Dr Mark “McSteamy” Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy spends a lot of time on screen naked in the shower. Dane’s now infamous sex tape also shows him in the shower but in this footage we see Eric Dane full frontal naked! if you have seen the nude pics of and videos of Eric Dane, get them HERE.

Kevin McKidd Shirtless and Sexy

kevin_mckidd_shirtlessWhen Kevin McKidd first joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, I wondered how he could possibly compete with the good-looks of Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsy. I didn’t get the answer until McKidd’s first shirtless scene. Dempsey and Dane might have more classic good looks, but Kevin McKidd is the definite winner in the ripped body department. Now if we could just get Grey’s Anatomy producers to let him show it off a little more.

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Patrick Dempsey Shirtless


Irish-American Patrick Dempsey first made a splash in various teen-flicks in the 80s and 90s such as Can’t Buy Me Love, Loverboy and Happy Together, before maturing into the McDreamy role of Dr. Derek Shepherd on ABC’s hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey looks great shirtless.

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Eric Dr. McSteamy Dane Shirtless!

Eric Dane Shirtless!

Eric Dane Shirtless
Eric Dane Shirtless

Sexy Eric Dane joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Mark Sloan, aka Dr. McSteamy in 2006 as Derek Shepherd’s former best friend that slept with his wife and broke up his marriage.  A world-renowned plastic surgeon, Sloan soon joined the staff at Seattle Grace and began breaking doctors hearts all over the ward.

In his personal life, Eric Dane is married to Rebecca Gayheart and is best friends with Balthazar Getty of Brothers and Sisters.

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