Aaron Tveit Shirtless in Graceland and On Stage

Aaron_Tveit_real_GIF_11aAaron Tveit in Graceland Episode 1.08

Aaron Tveit in Graceland Episode 1.08

Sexy Aaron Tveit is a stage, TV and film actor. He is supposedly awesome on stage and if you watch Graceland you will know that he is pretty sweet in that role as Mike Warren also. Tveit’s most well known role on the big screen as Enjolars in the film Les Misérables.

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Mehcad Brooks in Necessary Roughness


Mehcad Brooks loves to take his shirt off to show off his beautiful black body. He spends half his time shirtless in the show Necessary Roughness. Okay by me!  Brooks made several guest appearances as Matthew Applewhite on the show Desperate Housewives. This seemed to really kick start his TV career.

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William Fichtner Having That Look!



William Fichtner is a long time actor around Hollywood. He has a great smooth trim body, leaving me wanting more! He looks like he is about to make his move! How far will they go? He is in the new show Crossing Lines about a former NYPD cop. Hopefully it will have some spice and not be like all of the other cop shows on! Along with his new show he is also working on several movies. Maybe we will get some ass on the big screen!

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Matt Bomer Shirtless in The New Normal

Although Matt Bomer shows of his beautiful chest all time on White Collar -don’t get me wrong, I love it, but we haven’t seen him in this position. It is from a scene from the show The New Normal.  It is fantastic and we want more. I believe White Collar is coming back January 22, 2013! Yippee!

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Daniel Lissing Shirtless in Last Resort

Daniel Lissing is definitely packing a substantial bulge. Nice! Lissing bounced around making guest appearance on shorts and shows. He then landed the role of Conrad De Groot in the 2011 show Crownies. He has moved on and is playing the role of SEAL Officer James King in the new show Last Resort. I watched the show and it was a thumbs down for me but if they continue scenes like these I may tune in again.

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