Tune Back in to Scandal

We have a couple of hotties in the very popular show Scandal. It is a fast paced show that you really have to keep your eyes and ears peeled to. You can always pause and rewind when you see Columbus Short and Guillermo Díaz.


Columbus Short is on of my favorite black male actors. When he shows off his shirtless body it is anybody’s dream come true. His six pack abs… yum!  Short currently plays Harrison Wright.


Guillermo Díaz plays Huck who does the things that no one else wants to know about. He is an ex-government agent who did lots of questionable things. He is now on the side of the good guys. Díaz’s character is Huck.

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Justin Chatwin Shirtless in Shameless

Justin Chatwin is crazy hot. One of just a few on the show Shameless is one of those type of shows where you are watching a train wreck. I want to turn away but I just can’t. The craziest is William H. Macy but the others rank up there just as high! It is starting its 3rd season so you have to tune in. Quite a bit of nudity too!

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Shirtless Keifer Sutherland Sexy in His Swimsuit

Shirtless Kiefer Sutherland is going to be on a new show! We are excited because we have missed him since 24 ended. The show is called Touch and he will be playing the role of  Martin Bohm. The preview is going to be January 25, 2012, but the actual show won’t premiere until March, based on the popularity of the preview. I will definitely tune it.

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