How I Met Your Mother Returns

How I Met Your Mother is returning for its ninth season and still going strong.  The show has some great looking men. This is just for you!


Josh Radnor has a fantastically hairy chest. He also sports the beard really well! If you like hair, he’s your man!  Radnor plays Ted Mosby on the show.


Jason Segel is definitely squeezable! His little nipples and his smooth white chest can be a real turn on. His face is definitely one to drool over!  Segel plays Marshall Erikson in the show.


Neil Patrick Harris is definitely the one who spends more time with his clothes off than on in the show! It is a real treat! He has a light chest of hair that is sexy. Harris is an openly gay actor.  He plays Barney Stinson in the show.

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Vincent Piazza Recently Got Shirtless on Boardwalk Empire

Vincent Piazza teases us with a near shot of his package. Just a touch of pubs leaving us to imagine. That isn’t a problem, he is easy to remember nude from other scenes on the show Boardwalk Empire. Piazza currently plays Lucky Luciano on the show. He isn’t on the show weekly so this is a special treat.

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Shirtless D.W. Moffett in Switched at Birth

Shirtless D.W. Moffett is in the show Switched at Birth playing the role of John Kennish. Moffett is probably best known for his role as Joe McCoy in the show Friday Night Lights which was canceled in 2011.

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New Shirtless Pics of Sam Witwer from Being Human

Sam Witwer pleases us with another great Shirtless scene on the show Being Human. Witwer has played the role of Aidan for both the 2011-2012 seasons of this new running show. He has also been doing the voice of Darth Maul in the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars since 2011.

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