Shirtless Stephen Colletti on One Tree Hill

Shirtless Stephen Colletti plays Chase Adams on the CW show One Tree Hill. He has been on the show since 2007. Colletti has only been acting a few short years so he was lucky to land even a small role in a TV series this early in his career.

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Shirtless Adam Beach in Arctic Air

Shirtless Adam Beach is going to be in the new show Arctic Air as Bobby Martel. Beach is best known for his role as Detective Chester Lake in Law & Order: SVU.

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Shirtless Callum Keith Rennie in The Firm

Shirtless Callum Keith Rennie is playing the role of Ray McDeere in the new 2012 TV series The Firm. Rennie is also currently playing a supporting role as Rick Felder in the show The Killing. He keeps his career focused on TV rather than film work.

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