Shirtless Christian Alexander From the Lying Game

Shirtless Christian Alexander is on The Lying Game playing the role of Thayer Rybak. Alexander played Kiefer Bauer on General Hospital from 2009-2010. Before that he made appearances on different shows here and there.

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Shirtless Anthony Head in Free Agents and Merlin

Shirtless Anthony Head shows off a pretty impressive bulge. He just joined the show Free Agents. It is a new show and he is playing the role of Stephen. Head has also been playing the part of Uther Pendragon in the show Merlin since 2008.

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Men of Revenge Shirtless

What a great picture of the hot men of Revenge. Pictured from left to right are Gabriel Mann (playing Nolan Ross), Connor Paolo (playing Declan Porter), Nick Wechsler (playing Jack Porter) and Joshua Bowman (playing Daniel Grayson). All of them are sexy in their own ways and it keeps the show hopping at all times.

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More Joshua Bowman Shirtless on Revenge

Joshua Bowman went Shirtless for us again on the show Revenge. This is such a treat because he has a pretty nice body to go along with a great face. Bowman plays a slightly smaller role in Make It or Break It and we haven’t seen him shirtless there. We are waiting for it!

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