Shirtless Joe Dempsie in Game of Thrones

Shirtless Joe Dempsie is one of the hottest TV actors around right now. We were excited (literally) when Game of Thrones wrote in this shirtless scene. You can catch Dempsie playing the role of  Gendry on he show.  He is also playing the role of John/Pollus on the BBC series The Fade.

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Shirtless Jeremy White in Shameless

Shirtless Jeremy White teases us in this scene from the show Shameless. If he would just show some cock instead of the underwear picture we would be thrilled. If you have Showtime and you love insanity you have to watch this show. White plays the role of Lip Gallagher.

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Shirtless Brian Van Holt from Cougar Town

Shirtless Brian Van Holt plays the hilarious Bobby Cobb on the show Cougar Town. The show has been on again, off again since it began. There was a big advertising push right before it went on again this last time and there was a big disappointment with the viewership. It is a shame, because it is a really funny show!

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