James Denton Shirtless

James Denton as Mike Delfino Shirtless!


James Denton is just about everyone’s favorite plumber Mike Delfino on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Denton, a Nashville native, started his career on the stage in Nashville and Chicago before getting a few TV roles here and there. The Desperate Housewives gig was far and way his break out role. James Denton is also part of a Hollywood band called That Band from TV with Greg Grunberg of Heroes and Hugh Laurie of House, M.D.

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Dark Blue’s Dylan McDermott Shirtless

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott

Dylan McDermott rose to fame with his role as Bobby Donnell on The Practice and is making waves again as the brooding and mysterious Carter Shaw on TNT’s new show Dark Blue. McDermott has had a movie role here and there, but mostly he sticks to showing off his ripped and hairy chest on the boob tube, where we like him.

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Milo Ventimiglia Shirtless

Shirtless Hero Milo Ventimiglia!


Milo Ventimiglia got his acting start as a guest on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and has been going strong since. The California native starred in Boston Public, Gilmore Girls,  and The Bedford Diaries before landing the role of Peter Petrelli on Heroes that would rocket him to TV-stardom. He’s also done some directing for The WB network, and has aspirations to continue directing. Milo has done some feature film work as well. Most notably, he got NAKED in the flick Pathology. Its worth renting just for those scenes if you you’re a Milo fan!

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Sexy Dave Annable Shirtless

Dave Annable Shirtless!


Dave Annable plays little brother Justin Walker on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. A native New Yorker, he’s relatively new to the acting world with his other major role being on TV series Reunion. He’s getting a hot start, however. In 2007 he ranked #7 on People magazines Sexiest Man Alive list.

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Law & Order’s Jeremy Sisto in Tighty Whities

Jeremy Sisto in Underwear!


Jeremy Sisto currently plays Detective Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order, but is probably best known for his role as Billy Chenowith on Six Feet Under. Sisto seems to stay out of the limelight in Hollywood. He’s expecting his first child with finacee Addie Lane this year.

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