Zach Gilford Shirtless on FNL

zach_gilford_shirtlessShirtless Zach Gilford plays former Panther QB Matt Saracen on Friday Night Lights. The show doesn’t officially start until next year on NBC, but DirectTV is giving another full-season preview this year. They’ve changed the show, and the cast, quite a bit, but Zach Gilford as well as hottie Taylor Kitsch have returned.

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Rob Lowe Shirtless

rob-lowe-shirtlessRob Lowe was unquestionably an 80’s movie star as part of the famed Brat Pack with Emilio Esteves, Judd Nelson, Charles Sheen and others. His career took a nose dive toward the end of the 80’s when a sex tape emerged with Lowe and a minor. He returned to TV in the West Wing, then left for two unsuccessful pilots. For one of those pilots, he turned down the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy. He’s back strong now as a regular as Senator Robert McCallister on Brothes and Sisters.

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Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless – Take 2

alexander-skarsgard-shirtless-2Alexander Skarsgard fans have spoken! Yesterday I posted a hot little shirtless picture of Skarsgard that looked good to me, but I had a couple of readers write in that it was a fake. So here’s another REAL shirtless pic of Skarsgard to make up for it!

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Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless

alexander-skarsgard-shirtlessAlexander Skarsgard plays Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood along with other Men Of TV favorite Ryan Kwanten. Skarsgard got his acting start at a young age in his native Sweden, but couldn’t handle the noteriety. He took a break from acting for 9 years to study political science and do his military service.  These days he’s pretty well known around the world, and People magazine just named him one of the Sexiest Men Alive for 2009.

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Robert Sean Leonard Shirtless

robert-sean-leonard-shirtlessRobert Sean Leonard, better known as Dr. James Wilson on House M.D. has that perpetually twinkie look. He turned 40 this year, but carries that baby-face and smooth chest with him into his middle age. Leonard is an accomplished and versatile actor, with strong roles in TV, movies and theater. He’s married to a professional horse racer, and co-founded a theater group with Ethan Hawke, Steve Zahn and Frank Whaley.

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Josh Holloway Shirtless


In an effort to stave off my anticipation over when exactly the final season of Lost will begin, I dug up another picture of Josh Holloway shirtless. Sawyer is by far my favorite character on Lost with that sexy bad boy thing mixed with an air of the unlikely intellectual. Holloway has said he’s not crazy about his shirtless scenes, but hey… they’re trapped on an island, its hot, and he’s ripped! What else can you do?

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