Matthew Settle Shirtless


All many Gossip Girl fans can think about is Chace Crawford, but if you’re looking for a bit of maturity, check out Matthew Settle. At 40, Settle’s got a body that puts many 20 year-olds to shame. He plays daddy Rufus Humphrey on Gossip Girl these days, but he’s had roles on ER, Band of Brothers, Brothers and Sisters and various big screen roles. Settle has done some full-frontal nude scenes as well. I’ve seen them – you won’t be disappointed.

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Other Men of Gossip Girl

Eric Mabius Shirtless


Eric Mabius first caught my attention as Tim Haspel on the first season of Showtime’s The L Word, and I absolutely adore him as Daniel Meade in Ugly Betty. He’s got a killer body coupled with awesome acting talent. If you’re and Eric Mabius fan, there’ are plenty of opportunities to see him on screen; he’s been in nearly 30 movies and has guest starred on many of TV’s top shows. He even gets naked in a few!

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Julian McMahon Shirtless!


I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the Australian show Home and Away, but it seemed to turn out some hot male celebs. Julian McMahon is a good start. Shirtless McMahon currently stars in Nip / Tuck as Dr. Christian Troy. Prior to that he played Cole on Charmed and John on The Profiler.

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Matt Dallas Shirtless


Shirtless Matt Dallas thrived as Kyle on Kyle XY for three seasons, but his latest role isn’t so lucky. Cast as cougar cub Chad in ABC’s Eastwick, Dallas has a sexy role with tons of shirtless opportunities, but the show’s been canned. With his adorable face and smooth and creamy body, we’ll no doubt be seeing more of him.

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Jason Segel Shirtless


Jason Segel probably should be best known for his role as Marshall Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother, but ever since he did the full-frontal nude scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, his HIMYM performance pales. Segel said he had to be drunk during the filming of that scene he was so nervous. If you haven’t seen Jason Segel’s nude scene, you can see it here.

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Richard Burgi Shirtless and Ripped


Shirtless Richard Burgi has been burning up the TV screen for 2 decades now, and as Karl Mayer on Desperate Housewives he looks better than ever. He’s been on a ton of TV shows over the years from soaps, to mini-series’ to prime time dramas. In his spare time, he obviously spends every minute sculpting his ridiculously toned body.

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Kellan Lutz Shirtless


Shirtless Kellan Lutz is rocketing to shirtless stardom these days with his roles as Emmet Cullen in Twilight and New Moon and George Evans on 90210. Lutz originally was asked to read for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight but was filming Generation Kill. I can’t really see him as Edward, but he works out as Emmet just fine. He’s got one of the best bodies in Hollywood these days and I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future. See more shirtless 90210 guys here.

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James Lafferty Shirtless


Shirtless James Lafferty, better known as Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill, is a basketball star on and off screen. He played in high school for his hometown high school team, plays on One Tree Hill and often participates in charity basketball games as well. I can’t say that I’ve actually every seen One Tree Hill, but I’m a big fan of Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray and Robert Buckley.

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Chris Noth Shirtless


Shirtless Chris Noth plays Peter Florrick on CBS’s The Good Wife, but he’s better known as Mr. Big on Sex and the City (both the movies and the TV show) and as Detective Mike Logan in both Law & Order and later, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Apart from acting, he co-owns an NYC bar and music lounge called The Cutting Room.

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Tim Dekay Shirtless


Shirtless Tim DeKay first came across my radar when he played Clayton “Jonsey” Jones on the truly bizarre HBO series Carnivale. He’s done various TV guest spots through the years but is back on USA’s White Collar as Agent Peter Burke, Matthew Bomer’s handler….wouldn’t we all like that job. More Shirtless Guys from White Collar.

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