Penn Badgley Shirtless!


Sexy, smooth and shirtless Penn Badgley plays Dan Humphrey on The CW’s Gossip Girl. Badgley was one of those child actors moved to Hollywood at age 11 for his “big break.” It took a few years, but after a role in The Young and the Restless, Badgley started getting steady work. His role as Dan Humphrey is definitely his break out character. In real life, Badgley is dating on-screen romantic interest Blake Lively.

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Kevin McKidd Shirtless and Sexy

kevin_mckidd_shirtlessWhen Kevin McKidd first joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, I wondered how he could possibly compete with the good-looks of Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsy. I didn’t get the answer until McKidd’s first shirtless scene. Dempsey and Dane might have more classic good looks, but Kevin McKidd is the definite winner in the ripped body department. Now if we could just get Grey’s Anatomy producers to let him show it off a little more.

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Ricardo Antonio Chavira Shirtless

ricardo-antonio-chavira-shirtlessRicardo Antonio Chavira plays the now-lovable but once despicable Carlos Solis on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. He’s a big hunk of a hairy man and if you go for the teddy bear type, Chavira will be right up your alley.  Chavira is rather new to Hollywood with the Desperate Housewives role his first major undertaking. Prior to that he did a couple of non-blockbusters and some guest spots on other TV shows.

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Jerry Ferrara Shirtless at the Beach

jerry-ferrara-shirtlessJerry Ferrara was working at a Boston Market in Los Angeles when he got the role of Turtle on HBO’s hit comedy Entourage. His character on the show developed a relationship with former Soprano’s star Jamie Lynn Sigler, who plays herself on the show. In real life, the couple are together and reportedly buying a home together. In other Entourage news, its said that producer Mark Wahlberg wants to do Entourage: The Movie.

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Kirk Acevedo Shirtless

kirk-acevedo-shirtlessShirtless Kirk Acevedo played Agent Charlie Francis on the show Fringe until this season. Last spring, Acevedo announced he’d been fired from the show on his Facebook status.  The update from May 20 read: “WELL BOYS AND GIRLS THEY DONE DID YER BOY WRONG! THEY FIRED ME OFF FRINGE, AND I’VE NEVER BEEN FIRED IN MY LIFE!!” Regardless, Acevedo has a strong TV presence with roles such as Miguel Alvarez on Oz and has guest starred on just about every hit show. Next up he’ll have a part in USA’s new hit with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, White Collar.

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