Michael Ealy GIF From About Last Night

Michael Ealy GIF from About Last Night got me hot all over and made me check him out further. Then I found out that he is in the new show Almost Human. I am definitely going to find all of the past episodes to catch up on the show. Hopefully Almost Human will be successful so that I can see him on a weekly basis. Ealy is one of the finest looking black male actors around. Especially with those blue blue eyes to go with his perfect black skin!


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Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable

Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable. Only a true male actor twink can have a body like that. I am seeing him all swetted up and moving toward me. With that sexy look in his eyes, The seductive way he is moving.  Well, I guess it can. I guess it could be the two guys – nude of course. I love seeing more buff guys with Twinks like Parsons. The tuft of hair on his chin makes him look like he may be moving on to the next phase of his life so we better enjoy while we can!

Parsons comes from the day time soap General Hospital. His role ended in 2012.   He just made a guest appearance on the TV show The Originals. Maybe this will give him a jump start in to prime-time TV.


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Shirtless GIF of Sexy Alexander Skarsgard

Seeing Male Actor Alexander Skarsgard looking up in to the camera with those intense eyes makes me warm all over. All over. Skarsgard plays Eric Northam in the very popular TV show True Blood. He plays smaller roles in movies pretty regularly and this year he had a co-starring role with Brit Marling in the film The East. This GIF of Skarsgard is fiery.


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Bones Returns For It’s Ninth Season

Being one of the most popular shows running, Bones is returning for its ninth season. Talk about hot guys! This show is loaded with them!


David Boreanaz makes the word hot sound small. His looks and body are on fire! Boreanaz co-stars in the show as Agent Sealy Booth. He gets shirtless often. Keeps me anxious for the weekly show!


TJ Thyne is the geeky scientist who specializes in bugs and slime. Even though that is gross he is still really cute to look at. He plays Dr. Jack Hodgins.

John Francis Daley shirtless bones

John Francis Daley is the sweet looking psychiatrist of the show. When he gives “advice” to the others they kind of laugh him off but he often helps solves crimes. He plays Dr. Lance Sweets.

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The Men of Nashville

Nashville is a good show if you like country music and a lot of controversy. This man with this woman back and forth.


Eric Close has a great body and even when he is clothed a great face to look at also. Close plays Teddy Conrad on the show.


Charles Esten plays the bad boy of the show. He is in love with Conrad’s wife and there is always that conflict in the show. Hopefully, he will win out!  Esten plays Deacon Claybourne on the show.

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