Shirtless Hayes MacArthur in Perfect Couples

You can catch Shirtless Hayes MacArthur on the show Perfect Couples playing the role of Rex and maybe you will see more of him in his tighty whities! MacArthur is currently working on a few films. Two of them, The Motel Life and Jewtopia should be released some time in 2012.

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Shirtless Anthony Head in Free Agents and Merlin

Shirtless Anthony Head shows off a pretty impressive bulge. He just joined the show Free Agents. It is a new show and he is playing the role of Stephen. Head has also been playing the part of Uther Pendragon in the show Merlin since 2008.

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Bryan Greenberg Shirtless in How To Make It in America

Shirtless Bryan Greenberg is in the popular show How to Make It in America, playing the role of Ben Epstein. He also just appeared in the new film Friends with Benefits. Greenberg is probably best known for his role in One Tree Hill.

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