Matt Bomer Shirtless White Collar


Openly gay Matt Bomer is destined to be the next shirtless sensation on the net. His dark and dashing good looks, totally toned body and infectious smile put together with his penchant for showing off that chest make it a certainty. Matt Bomer plays Neal Caffrey on USA’s White Collar. More Shirtless Guys from White Collar.

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Matt Bomer Shirtless

Matthew Bomer

Shirtless Matt Bomer grew up in Texas and attended high school with former Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace. He got his on-screen acting start on soaps like All My Children and Guiding Light. Film roles started flowing in for him including Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He returns to the TV screen in USA’s White Collar as ex-con Neal Caffrey. Matthew Bomer is openly gay.

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