Tracy Morgan Bare-Chested


30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan on the show) seems to have a troubled life as a star, despite being on a hit show. He was busted in Hollywood a few years ago for a DUI and was apparently driving completely naked at the time. He’s had other run-ins with the law over booze. His career has stayed on point, though, and he continues to do stand-up shows and published his autobiography “I Am The New Black” last year.

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Vintage Alec Baldwin Shirtless and Hairy


Alec Baldwin is a little older, a little heavier and a little less hairy (on top anyway) than he used to be, but the 30 Rock star was once a major sex symbol along with the other infamous Baldwin Brothers, Stephen, William and Daniel. He’s been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and SAG awards for his film work, but his role as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock is what has brought in the actual statues.

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