Dylan McDermott Shirtless at the Beach


Dylan McDermott has one hell of a body. Even just shirtless. He has a great hairy chest even though it is popular to be hair free. McDermott has done a lot of work on both the big and small screen. He has tried a couple of starring roles in shows but unfortunately the didn’t last. He did play Bobby Donnell on The Practice for several years. He is currently playing a small role on the show American Horror Story. He is also working on several films.


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New Evan Peters Shirtless Pics from American Horror Story

Evan Peters is back, Shirtless, in the 2nd season of American Horror Story. It is a TV mini-series that we hope will get all of the hot guys shirtless or better yet, nude! I haven’t checked out the show so I don’t know which role between Tate Langdon / Kit Walker / Kit Peters is playing. Maybe someone can fill us in!

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Shirtless Dylan McDermott

Shirtless Dylan McDermott is joining the cast of American Horror Story on October 12, 2011, as Ben Harmon. McDermott just ended the show Dark Blue. I am happy that he moved right in to a new series so that we can continue to see this hunky sex of a man!

See Dylan McDermott Naked Here!