Jonathan Groff Shirtless from Glee


Jonathan Groff Shirtless from Glee

Shirtless and delectable Jonathan Groff is starring as Patrick Murray in the new HBO show Looking. The first season was completed in March, 2014 so check it out on HBO Go. Get ready for season two in 2015.

This shirtless picture is from one of Groff’s scenes on the stage. He is definitely one of the hottest male actors both on and off Broadway. He won a Tony ford for his performance in the show Spring Awakening. He also showed off his incredible voice as Jesse St. James in the musical TV show Glee. Right after his regular appearances in the show ended Groff starred in his first film, C.O.G.

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Jonathan Groff Shirtless from Glee

Chris Colfer Finally Shirtless!

I know that I have started to get impatient waiting for Chris Colfer to bare his Twink body and now that his finally has I know why I have been patient. It has been so worth it!  Colfer has hung out in the background while his fellow male actors rip their shirts off and finally he does it. Wow, his slim body and those light pink nipples!

Colfer plays the gay character of Kurt Hummel.

chris colfer shirtless gleechris colfer shirtless glee

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Shirtless Guys of Glee Like Never Before

The guys of Glee: Chord Overstreet, Darren Criss, Jacob Artist and Blake Jenner never fail to put a smile on our faces when they rip their shirts off on one of their singing and dancing performances. Keeps me tuning in every week!

Chord Overstreet

chord overstreet shirtless glee

Darren Criss

darren criss shirtless glee

Jacob Artist


Blake Jenner


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The Men of Glee are Back

Well Glee lovers… they are back!  I think that the show has one of the hottest groups of gorgeous male actors. They have all taken their shirts off for the camera and every time they do I rewind again and again!


We start with Chris Colfer who is the absolute epitome of one of Hollywood’s perfect Twinks!  Colfer plays the role of Kurt Hummel. Hummel is a openly gay and also plays a gay character on the show.


Kevin McHale is another perfect Twink of Hollywood. That perfect bare chest, sweet face.  McHale plays Artie Abrams. He is in a wheel chair in the show and he does a great job of making look like it is very natural.

Matthew Morrison is the gorgeous teacher of the Glee club. If it weren’t for him none of these hot guys would be able to show off their talent. I wish they would get him to sing and dance more. Morrison’s character is Mr. Schuester.


Mark Salling officially graduated from high school in the 2011 season but they keep finding ways to bring this bad boy back in as many episodes as possible.  Salling plays Noah “Puck” Puckerman.


Harry Shum also graduated in 2011 and they bring him back as often as possible too. Shum is one of the most incredible dancers I have ever seen on TV.  Shum plays Mike Chang.

Chord Overstreet is the cute haired blonde. He is known for his big sexy lips! Overstreet that plays the role of Sam Evans.


Darren Criss is also an openly gay actor who plays the boyfriend of Kurt Hammel. They are on again off again and I am definitely wanting them on!  Criss plays Blaine Anderson,


Jacob Artist joined the show in 2011 as Pucks half brother. He is really hot and adds to the show.  Artist plays Jake Puckerman.


Now talking about sizzlin’ hot! You’ve got it right here with Blake Jenner. He is one of the newest additions to the cast and I love it when they get him shirtless!  Jenner plays Ryder Lynn.



Who could forget this one?! Samuel Larsen, playing Joe Hart, is incredibly sexy. Not many people can pull off his style the way he can! Yumm

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Dean Geyer Bares His Chest in Glee

If you are a faithful fan of the show Glee you got the pleasure of seeing the newest member of New Directions, Dean Geyer. If not, you may want to tune in. The show is going through a readjustment period gaining new characters so just keep you eyes on the prize! The show gets lots of its guys shirtless!

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