Shirtless and Oh So Hot Nick Jonas on Hawaii 5-0

Nick Jonas is one of the member of the boy band Jonas Brothers. It seems that he is now trying to break in to acting. He has made guest appearances on several shows in the last couple of years including this recent one on Hawaii 5-0. Watch for him in the upcoming film Careful What you Wish For some time in 2014.

nick jonas shirtless hawaii five-0

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Jake Lockett’s Perfect 6-pack abs

Shirtless Jake Lockett has one of the most incredible male actor 6 pack abs. He has a body that makes me shiver from head to toe! Based on his upper body I am certain that his lower body is just as sweet! I will watch for naked pictures of him and get them to you as soon as I find them!


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Celebrate the Men of Hawaii 5-0

Hawaii 5-0 is the remake of the same show running from 1968-1980. The new men of the show are unbelievably hot!


Alex O’Loughlin is the star of Hawaii 5-0 as Steve McGarrett. He has a perfect body and a perfect attitude for the part. His tattoos are also really sexy. If you tune in to the show there is a 99.9% chance that you will see more of him shirtless!


Scott Caan is one hairy man! If you like the hairy chest he is your man! Caan plays Danny ‘Danno’ Williams. Book ‘m Danno!


Daniel Dae Kim is one of the hottest Asians I have ever seen. He has a face of perfection and a great body to go with it. I’m not sure why but he doesn’t really get shirtless in the show very often. It is a total shame! He is playing the role of Chin Ho Kelly.

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