New Shirtless Josh Holloway Pics!

It seems like ages since Josh Holloway has gone shirtless on the beach set of Lost. Lately he’s always wearing some kind of shirt to cover up his smooth, ripped chest. Last night, though, we got to see the goods. Hopefully it won’t be for the last time.

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Matthew Fox Shirtless on Lost


Matthew Fox reportedly has the top-secret and valuable knowledge of just exactly how his hit show ‘Lost’ ends. Supposedly, he’s the only cast member to know. The final season is underway, but I’d say there are still more questions than answers. We do know, however, that Matthew Fox has been working out a bit. In a rare shirtless scene, we saw Dr. Jack Shephard changing clothes and he revealed, if not the answers to any mysteries, his bare chest.

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Harold Perrineau Bare Chested

harold-perroneau-shirtlessHarold Perrineau first caught my eye as Augustus on HBO’s OZ, where he played an inmate and narrator for the show. I loved him in his role as Michael Dawson on ABC’s Lost. Much of the Lost cast is returning next month for the final season of the show, but so far no word on Perrineau. After he originally left Lost, he starred in a new ABC show The Unusuals. I thought it was a great show, but it didn’t make the first season cut.

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