Black Male Actor Sterling Sulieman is heart stopping gorgeous

Black Male Actor Sterling Sulieman is heart stopping gorgeous. With his serious face or that small seduction smile and dimples he can make any man melt away.

Up until now Sulieman has only had very small parts in various shows through the past nine years of getting his career started. Well, folks, he may have hit on gold! He just got a good part as Oliver/Rush on the new show Mind Games. I watched it last night. Steve Zahn was a little over the tope (I guess his character was supposed to be) but I thought Sulieman was great. If they can get the show together I think he will finally get the audience recognition he deserves!

Get him shirtless!!!!

Sterling_Sulieman_shirtless_03Sterling Sulieman shirtless the client list

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Gregory Marcel is Starring in Mind Games

Gregory Marcel is Starring in Mind Games. I am hoping that the show is a hit. It looks like it will be. It has some great looking actors in it which will keep my eyes interested at the very least. Marcel is playing Miles Hood in the show.

Marcel is the hottest in the film Sun Kissed. It is drama/romance with him male actor Leo Spaulding.

I am hoping to see a lot more of Marcel in the years to come. A lot more of him and his naked body!


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