Shirtless Dylan Walsh in Nip/Tuck


Wow… check out the hairy chest on Dylan Walsh! He lounges by the pool with Julian McMahon in a scene from the TV show Nip/Tuck. Walsh played a great role as Dr. Sean McManara.  If you missed the show Nip/Tuck get it on Netflix. You will get great naked scenes from totally hot guys. Walsh now plays the role of Detective Al Burns in the show Unforgettable.

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Julian McMahon Shirtless!


I can’t say I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the Australian show Home and Away, but it seemed to turn out some hot male celebs. Julian McMahon is a good start. Shirtless McMahon currently stars in Nip / Tuck as Dr. Christian Troy. Prior to that he played Cole on Charmed and John on The Profiler.

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