Jay Harrington Shirtless


Jay Harrington has had some pretty sweet prime ABC multi-episode gigs in the past couple of years on shows like Desperate Housewives and Private Practice. Last year the leading network gave him his own show in the form of 1/2 hour sitcom Better Off Ted. Its a quirky show, but funny. Unfortunately, like other comedy experiments the network has done like Pushing Daisies, it looks like Better Off Ted is headed for cancellation. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but that’s what the rumors say. Maybe Harrington can make a comeback as Addison’s love interest Wyatt on Private Practice.

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Grant Show Shirtless


Grant Show, currently playing James on Accidentally on Purpose, got his start as a young soap hunk on Ryan’s Hope. His role as Jake Hanson on the original Melrose Place is probably his greatest claim to fame. He was seriously considered for the role in Thelma and Louise that eventually went to Brad Pitt and sent Pitt rocketing to stardom. You can also catch Grant Show playing Archer occasionally on Private Practice.

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Tim Daly Shirtless


I love Tim Daly on ABC’s Private Practice as Dr. Pete Wilder. He’s a great actor that has been a foundation block of many TV shows over the years including Wings with Stephen Webber, Superman as Superman himself and as Dr. Richard Kimble on the TV version of The Fugitive. More Shirtless Guys from Private Practice.

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