Drew Rausch Shirtless in Southland


Drew Rausch is coming out of the closet in this scene from the show Southland as a guest star. With a body like his I wish he was coming out for real! There would be a lot of happy faces!  A feel good everywhere. Unfortunately Rausch hasn’t found his place in his acting career but I know he will!

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Shirtless Brandon Fobbs

Shirtless Brandon Fobbs hasn’t carved out a very strong name for himself yet but I am patiently waiting. He is totally hot and definitely deserves to appear on both the big and small screen. Fobbs just had a small part on the TV show Southland. Maybe he made a good impression and other shows will pick him up.

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Ben McKenzie Shirtless in Southland


Ben McKenzie, who plays officer Ben Sherman on TNT’s Southland, finally got a shirtless scene on the show. They’ve been keeping him pretty well clothed in this role, as opposed to when he played Ryan Atwood on The O.C. We’re hoping this is a sign of things to come!

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