I Could Survive With Almost Nude Jeff Probst

Incredibly gorgeous Jeff Probst is the host of the popular reality TV show Survivor. He keeps tribal council interesting to say the least. Probst is unbelievably 52 years old. I would love to look like him at 25! But, I will just look at him for now.


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Jeff Probst Shirtless and Wet


Host Jeff Probst is often the hottest thing about CBS’s long-running reality show Survivor. Probst has been hosting the show since its inception in 2001. He occasionally takes on other projects, and is reportedly developing a new reality show. Personally, Probst got involved with a Survivor: Vanuatu contestant Julie Berry in 2005. He’s apparently back on the market now, and has signed on to host at least two more seasons of Survivor so get your applications in!

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