Shirtless Christian Alexander From the Lying Game

Shirtless Christian Alexander is on The Lying Game playing the role of Thayer Rybak. Alexander played Kiefer Bauer on General Hospital from 2009-2010. Before that he made appearances on different shows here and there.

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Shirtless Blair Redford in The Lying Game

Shirtless Blair Redford plays Ethan Whitehorse on the show The Lying Game. He is also in the show Switched At Birth, playing the role of Tyler “Ty” Mendoza. Redford comes from the daytime Soap Passions as Miguel Lopez-Fitgerald.

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Shirtless Tyler Christopher in The Lying Game

Shirtless Tyler Christopher has played two roles, Nikolas Cassadine  and Connor Bishop on the daytime soap, General Hospital, since 1997. He has finally moved from there to night time on the new show The Lying Game. Here he plays the role of Dan Whitehorse.

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