Norman Reedus Shirtless and Wet


Norman Reedus Shirtless and Wet

This GIF of Shirtless and Wet Norman Reedus shows what a fantastic body he has. I love checking out my favorite shirtless TV actors in action in GIFs. They are definitely the hottest thing to come around.

Reedus is currently playing Daryl Dixon. in the show The Walking Dead. He bares his nude ass in the show so it makes it even better to watch.  Remember his naked scene from the great film Boondock Saints? If you haven’t seen it, it is a must!

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Norman Reedus Shirtless and Wet

Male Actor Jon Bernthal Out For A Run

Jon Bernthal looks kind of silly in his work out clothes. I hope that isn’t the new trend. I refuse to change my ways! However, he is still hot and something to look at! Check Bernthal out on the TV show The Walking Dead. He is also in the new movie The Wolf of Wall Street.


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Jose Pablo Cantillo Shirtless in The Walking Dead

Jose Pablo Cantillo has had a few scenes in the show The Walking Dead. He is incredibly hot and I definitely need to get the tissue when seeing him shirtless! Gonzalez has made tons of TV series the largest being Standoff. We hope writers grab him up as a regular in a new series. He is definitely worth it to the eyes!

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