New Show: The Crazy Ones

We have a new show this season, The Crazy Ones, that I have high hopes for. It stars Robin Williams who I think is hilarious!  The show is about Simon Roberts (Robin Williams), an executive at a Chicago advertising agency. He works with his tightly wound daughter, Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar).


Robin Williams has one of the hairiest chests every to be seen in Hollywood. He shows it with pride and joy. Williams has made many successful movies and he was in the successful show Mork & Mindy years ago. He is coming back to TV as Simon Roberts in the new show The Crazy Ones. Name fits him!


It seems like hairy guys are making a comeback! Yet another one – James Wolk. Wolk is joining the cast of the new show as Zach Cropper.


Hamish Linklater has a cute white chest. Keeping his natural look. Linklater is best known from the show The New Adventures of Old Christine. He is joining this cast as Andrew.

See tons of hairy male actors here!