Shirtless Men of Hunting Season

Ben Baur


Walker Hare


Jack Ferver


Marc Sinoway


Jake Manabot


Tyler French


These are the hot gay guys from the web-series Hunting Season. It takes place in the greatest city in the world – New York. The show is filled with tons of male sex scenes so these pictures are just teasers.  Each episode runs from 8 – 12 minutes

Sexy Ben Baur plays the lead character Alex. He is one to watch for fucking his brains out with everyone!

Walker Hare playing Lenny is tall, dark and handsome.

Jack Ferver – you can’t just see him playing the funny character, Nick.

Marc Sinoway has a nice hairy chest. It fits his character name Tommy.

Jake Manabot. What show is complete with out a totally hot Asian guy! He plays TJ.

Tyler French plays Reese. Personally, I think he is the hottest of them all. Great body. Never afraid to show it off!

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