Austin Nichols Shirtless on Ray Donovan


The show Ray Donovan got smart and invited Austin Nichols to make an appearance on the show. I am hoping that maybe they will continue to be smart and put him on as a permanent cast member. It sure would make the show better!  Let’s get them to show more skin!  Nichols is best known for his role as Julian Baker on the show One Tree Hill. Watch for him in a very small part, yet he will be there, in the upcoming film Parkland.

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More Shirtless Devon Sawa in Nikita

The show Nikita sure loves to get Devon Sawa shirtless scenes. It’s no wonder. He has a fabulous body. And those tats! Sawa plays Owen Elliot in the show. I have been watching the show since the beginning and it is definitely one to pick up if you want to see a lot of sexiness!

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Shirtless Taylor Handley in Vegas

Vegas finally got Taylor Handley to take his shirt off but what’s up with the cowboy hat?! I think the next time they want us to tune it the hat should drop. Handley currently plays Deputy Dixon Lamb in the new show. I’m not sure if the show is being renewed but if there are continued scenes like this, I vote yes!

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