Shirtless Anthony Head in Free Agents and Merlin

Shirtless Anthony Head shows off a pretty impressive bulge. He just joined the show Free Agents. It is a new show and he is playing the role of Stephen. Head has also been playing the part of Uther Pendragon in the show Merlin since 2008.

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More Joshua Bowman Shirtless on Revenge

Joshua Bowman went Shirtless for us again on the show Revenge. This is such a treat because he has a pretty nice body to go along with a great face. Bowman plays a slightly smaller role in Make It or Break It and we haven’t seen him shirtless there. We are waiting for it!

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Shirtless Wes Brown in Hart of Dixie

Shirtless Wes Brown has made a couple appearances in the new show Hart of Dixie. He played the character Dr. Judson Lyons and the writers decided to get him shirtless on the last show. Brown is playing Jacob Grange in the new movie Weather Wars, premiering November 26, 2011.

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Shirtless Geoff Stults on HIMYM

Shirtless Geoff Stults just made a special guest appearance on the show How I Met Your Mother as the character Max. Stults is gearing up to play the character Walter Sherman in the 2012 series The Finder. It looks like it is going to be a good show and we will definitely tune in to check it out. Especially to see Stults.

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Shirtless Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Shirtless Malcolm-Jamal Warner is playing the role of Alex Reed in the new show Reed Between the Lines. Warner is best known for his role as Theodore ‘Theo’ Huxtable in the long running show The Cosby Show. He also played Malcolm McGee in Malcolm & Eddie.

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