Shirtless Men of Nashville

Shirtless Men of Nashville

As the TV show Nashville gets ready to start its 3rd season it is time to show off the hot shirtless male actors of the show. And they are hot!


Eric Close has pecs and a set of 6 pack abs that are unbelievable! He plays the role of Teddy Conrad.


Charles Esten screams sexy. He is more of the bad boy trying to behave himself. He plays musician Deacon Claybourne.


Jonathan Jackson has a softer, squeezable shirtless body with a cute touch of hair that would be fun to run your finger through. His role is as Avery Barkley, a struggling musician.


Sam Palladio is tall and thin with a great body as you can see! Check out that treasure trail and those skimpy boxer briefs! I would love to get my arms around him! Palladio plays Gunnar Scott.


Chris Carmack… the closet gay guy! I would close the door and keep him all to myself! Check out his body! Check out his sculpted face! His is fantastic looking. He plays the artist Will Lexington who is on his way to stardom.


Will Chase has a soft body that could be touched and loved any time night or day. His on screen personality is what really makes him sexy!  His face is adorable also! Chase is the newest member to the show and he jumped right in to the position of the boyfriend, Luke Wheeler, of the star of the show Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton).

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Shirtless and Sexy Warren Brown in Good Cop

Warren Brown is another fantastic looking guy from the Britain TV. He has been in many TV shows throughout his careere. He is now playing the role of John Paul Rocksavage in the new show Good Cop.  I don’t know anything about the show but the British sure get lucky with checking Brown out weekly. Lets get him to America!

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Daniel Lissing Shirtless in Last Resort

Daniel Lissing is definitely packing a substantial bulge. Nice! Lissing bounced around making guest appearance on shorts and shows. He then landed the role of Conrad De Groot in the 2011 show Crownies. He has moved on and is playing the role of SEAL Officer James King in the new show Last Resort. I watched the show and it was a thumbs down for me but if they continue scenes like these I may tune in again.

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Vincent Piazza Recently Got Shirtless on Boardwalk Empire

Vincent Piazza teases us with a near shot of his package. Just a touch of pubs leaving us to imagine. That isn’t a problem, he is easy to remember nude from other scenes on the show Boardwalk Empire. Piazza currently plays Lucky Luciano on the show. He isn’t on the show weekly so this is a special treat.

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New Evan Peters Shirtless Pics from American Horror Story

Evan Peters is back, Shirtless, in the 2nd season of American Horror Story. It is a TV mini-series that we hope will get all of the hot guys shirtless or better yet, nude! I haven’t checked out the show so I don’t know which role between Tate Langdon / Kit Walker / Kit Peters is playing. Maybe someone can fill us in!

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