Shirtless Twink Sebastian de Souza


I love the new GIFs that have been a rage on the internet. I love seeing Sebastian de Souza working on his button. Hoping he is taking his clothes off rather than putting them back on!  Souza’s career took off right away landing him in a small role as Matt Levan in Skins and also as Alfonso of Aragon  in the show The Borgias.

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Shirtless Brian Van Holt in The Bridge


Brian Van Holt was recently on an episode of the show The Bridge. It looks like he may have a small part in this new show. Van Holt is best known for his role as Bobby Cobb in the show Cougar Town. Hilarious show. Definitely worth checking out – especially because he take his shirt off all of the time.

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Tyler Hynes Shirtless in Saving Hope


Tyler Hynes has one incredible body. Those abs are scrumptious! Seeing him in his boxer briefs is just one step closer to complete nudity!  Hynes is in the Canadian show Saving Hope. I am definitely moving to Canada!  He has done work on several American shows so there is hope that we steel him away!

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