K.C. Colins Movin’ Like I Like It!


K.C. Colins may not be shirtless here but he has a move that any white man would be jealous of! He says “Come here and talk to me girl”!  Colins is in the show Saving Hope as Dr. Tom Reycraft. Before that he played in the show Lost Girl. Colins hasn’t broken in to big screen movies but I believe it will happen!

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Daniel Gillies Shirtless in Saving Hope

Daniel Gillies in Saving Hope Ep 2.06Daniel_Gillies_shirtless_05

Daniel Gillies has a great body. He isn’t too muscular but it is apparent that he spends time in the gym. A tuft of chest hair is always a good thing! Gilles is currently playing Dr. Joel Goran in the show Saving Hope. He is also working on an upcoming show The Originals. It isn’t clear as to when the show will air but seeing him twice a week will be a definite treat!

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Tyler Hynes Shirtless in Saving Hope


Tyler Hynes has one incredible body. Those abs are scrumptious! Seeing him in his boxer briefs is just one step closer to complete nudity!  Hynes is in the Canadian show Saving Hope. I am definitely moving to Canada!  He has done work on several American shows so there is hope that we steel him away!

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