Dean Geyer Bares His Chest in Glee

If you are a faithful fan of the show Glee you got the pleasure of seeing the newest member of New Directions, Dean Geyer. If not, you may want to tune in. The show is going through a readjustment period gaining new characters so just keep you eyes on the prize! The show gets lots of its guys shirtless!

See Dean Geyer Naked Here!

Shirtless Jason O’Mara

Shirtless Jason O’Mara is now playing the role of Jim Shannon in the new show Terra Nova. The show just kicked off its premiere October 17, 2011.  We will see if it is one of the new fall shows that makes it. O’Mara is best known for his role in The Agency, however, he has made a lot of guest appearances in many TV series during his successful career.

See Jason O’Mara Naked Here!