Who Will Take “Revenge” on Whom?

Revenge is one heck of a show that takes twists and turns all the time. It definitely keeps you wanting to come back for more. Not only does the story line keep you interested there are bunches of men to drool over at the same time.


Gabriel Mann is a butt rich hottie that keeps action going in the show. Mann’s character is Nolan Ross.


Nick Wechsler is the soft but sweet bar owner who is desperately in love with Amanda/Emily. His character is Jack Porter.


Joshua Bowman is the son of the evil Grayson’s. He started the show out as a party guy and has moved in to be the head of the Grayson empire. He is also in love with Amanda/Emily. His character is Daniel Grayson.


Henry Czerny is the evil Conrad Grayson. He always has some scheme up his sleeve and some how it always gets him out of trouble – barely!


Connor Paolo is the younger brother of Jack. He is kind of irresponsible but trying to find his way in the world. He has fallen for the daughter of the Grayson’s. They don’t like that at all. His character is Declan Porter.


Barry Sloane is the newest and definitely the sexiest addition to Revenge. He is there to help Amanda/Emily extract Revenge on the Graysons. He plays Aiden Mathis.

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