Chad Faust Shirtless


Chad Faust has been doing a lot of guest-starring lately on shows like Trauma: Life in the ER, Heroes, and Cold Case. He’s perhaps best known for his role as Kyle Baldwin on the USA show The 4400. Chad also gained some fame from his full-frontal naked scenes in B move Descent.

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Kenny Johnson Shirtless


Kenneth “Kenny” Johnson plays the often-flawed Detective Ham Dewey on TNT’s Saving Grace. Originally, he auditioned for the role of Earl, Grace’s guardian angel. Previously he played Detective Curtis Lemansky on The Shield, but originally read for the role of Terry Crowley.  He didn’t get that role, but creator Shawn Ryan was so impressed with Johnson that he created the role of Lemansky just for Kenny to play. He also played Joseph, Lily Rush’s love interest, on Cold Case for a few episodes.

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Danny Pino Shirtless


Shirtless Danny Pino plays Scott Valens on Cold Case. For some reason, the producers keep him heavily buttoned up in a suit and tie most of the time. I’m not sure there’s ever even been a shirtless scene with Pino on the show. He did have a shirtless/underwear scene form his time on The Shield, though.

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