Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable

Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable. Only a true male actor twink can have a body like that. I am seeing him all swetted up and moving toward me. With that sexy look in his eyes, The seductive way he is moving.  Well, I guess it can. I guess it could be the two guys – nude of course. I love seeing more buff guys with Twinks like Parsons. The tuft of hair on his chin makes him look like he may be moving on to the next phase of his life so we better enjoy while we can!

Parsons comes from the day time soap General Hospital. His role ended in 2012.   He just made a guest appearance on the TV show The Originals. Maybe this will give him a jump start in to prime-time TV.


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Daniel Gillies Shirtless in Saving Hope

Daniel Gillies in Saving Hope Ep 2.06Daniel_Gillies_shirtless_05

Daniel Gillies has a great body. He isn’t too muscular but it is apparent that he spends time in the gym. A tuft of chest hair is always a good thing! Gilles is currently playing Dr. Joel Goran in the show Saving Hope. He is also working on an upcoming show The Originals. It isn’t clear as to when the show will air but seeing him twice a week will be a definite treat!

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