Ryan Carnes Bare-Chested


Former General Hospital soap stud Ryan Carnes has yet to find a permanent home on TV, but he’s making the rounds. You’ll find him in episodes of Desperate Housewives, CSI Miami, Saving Grace and The Closer. He’s best known for his role in the raunchy flick Eating Out where he got totally naked on screen for the sake of his art.

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Jon Tenney Shirtless


Jon Tenney is playing the field these days by appearing in The Closer as Brenda Leigh Johnson’s husband Special Agent Fritz Howard and at the same time playing Dr. Simon Craig, Sally Field’s love interest, on Brothers and Sisters. Tenney studied philosophy and theater at Juilliard and has been a steady force in Hollywood TV since the 80’s.  He was once married to Desperate Housewives star Terri Hatcher.

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