More Matt Long Shirtless


ABC’s newest legal drama The Deep End has started out a little rough with the story lines and character development, but they are flaunting one asset: Matt Long. The first two episodes of the new show featured Long shirtless and in boxers. Only a hint of things to come? We’re hoping to see more of Long plus Mehcad Brooks and Billy Zane as well.

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Mehcad Brooks Shirtless and Sweaty

mehcad-brooks-shirtlessHot black TV actor Mehcad Brooks has been show-hopping the past couple of years, but luckily for him, they’ve mostly been hit shows. He kicked off things on Desperate Housewives, made the jump to True Blood and has now landed back at ABC with his role as Malcolm Bennett in The Deep End. We disappointed we won’t get to see as much Mehcad skin on network TV as we did on True Blood, but there are plenty of pics of him out there…

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