Shirtless GIF of Sexy Alexander Skarsgard

Seeing Male Actor Alexander Skarsgard looking up in to the camera with those intense eyes makes me warm all over. All over. Skarsgard plays Eric Northam in the very popular TV show True Blood. He plays smaller roles in movies pretty regularly and this year he had a co-starring role with Brit Marling in the film The East. This GIF of Skarsgard is fiery.


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Luke Grimes Shirtless in True Blood


Luke Grimes has that Fabio type of hair and he wears it well! He makes sexy sound dirty! These screen caps come from the show True Blood. The show is filled with shirtlessness so I am glad that he has joined the group!  Grimes had a regular role as Ryan Lafferty in the show Brothers & Sisters in 2009-2010. He is staring in the new film Squatters but it is unknown when it will be released. Hopefully soon.

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